Empowering the digital transformation

Empowering the digital transformation?
Then PEAX is the place for you.

Driving the digital transformation with PEAX services.

 One major advantage of the digital transformation is the opportunity it presents to make processes and interactions continuous. We focus on smart networking to link systems and information. PEAX services help you to drive your digitisation engine.


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PEAX Identity Check

Whether required by law or simply for peace of mind, identity checks often need to be carried out when dealing with customers. The PEAX identity check includes a comprehensive range of professional and digital services to help you identify your customers during the onboarding process. This saves both time and money and allows you to facilitate and expedite online onboarding for prospective customers.

You can configure your own identity check. Services can be integrated easily and separately and connected any which way you want.



The PEAX identity check is a software as a service and runs in a Swiss cloud. The cost of initialisation is minimal and necessary updates are automatic. Once configured, the service can be used to the full. All hardware or software capable of accessing an API and receiving HTTP protocols can incorporate the service.

Protecting customer data is our top priority, which is why we take extensive measures. All communication and data transactions between PEAX identity services and the user are encrypted via HTTPS.

Further details can be found in our fact sheet.

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ID scan

Age verification

Facial recognition

PEP and sanction list comparison

Email address and mobile number verification

Residential address verification

Bank account validation

Statutory information

Audit report

Identity provider


PEAX Output Service

If you would like to offer your customers a direct and transparent service across all channels, PEAX gives you optimum opportunity to do so. With PEAX, you can manage and monitor all customer output – individual or mass, physical or digital – from a single location. You can also make consistency and clarity a top priority, avoiding media disruptions and making processes clearer.  



Data is encrypted and transferred to a server in Switzerland. PEAX also works with a Swiss printing service, which has the necessary organisational skills and experience in handling sensitive documents. The security of digital mailings depends on the type of delivery channel chosen. We'd be happy to help you choose a channel.

Further details can be found in our fact sheet. 

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Data delivery

Address validation

Document preparation (compiling and formatting)

Distribution to all channels

Returns processing

id check

PEAX Input Service

The advantage of the digital transformation is advanced automation. While us humans can often easily extract information from a document, this is a complex task for a computer, involving several steps: scanning, text recognition (OCR), text analysis, classification, and extracting information such as the due date on an invoice from running text. Only when all information is presented in a structured and logical order can further processes be (manually or automatically) initiated. We implement this process for you.


When scanning, we work with expert partners who can meet our high quality and data protection standards. Our capturing solution constantly learns while it works and is also being trained by us. This allows us to continuously improve the volume of information recognised.

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Scanning & OCR


Connecting third-party systems/interfaces


PEAX Workflow Engine

PEAX networks services. In order to guarantee maximum benefit with minimum effort for the customer, we work with an established workflow engine. This enables us to individually network services and design, test and integrate workflows. 

We are able to accommodate the specific process requirements of any company directly or via partners/integrators. In doing so, we rely on sector-specific workflow templates and are able to automate workflows swiftly and systematically.



PEAX Workflow Engine is a Web application run in a Swiss data centre and can be integrated in a number of ways, such as via REST/JSON API, native mobile apps, async Webhooks, ftp/s, etc.

Modern encryption is used to transmit all communications between clients and servers. The user must be authenticated by the client. Authentication is based on OAuth 2.0 and is granted in the form of a single-session access token. 

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Workflow engine