PEAX - Your digitisation engine

Empowering the digital transformation? Then PEAX is the place for you.

Searching for your own personal digitisation engine?

PEAX offers you a whole host of services for digitising processes and customer interactions and thus increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Optimum usability and seamless communication also ensure your customers reap the benefits, too.

Our products are modular in design. Our experts are well-versed in input and output management, document archiving, online identification and machine learning, enabling them to create your own personal digitisation engine – and thanks to the latest technology, connect and integrate it in your current systems.  

  • Fintech

  • High-value shops

  • E-commerce

  • Insurance


Customer identification is required for digital customer onboarding in retail banking, consumer finance, factoring and money transfer. Thanks to PEAX, customers can be identified professionally and completely digitally. Potential customers will come to appreciate the quick and easy online onboarding process. 

High-value shops

Shops in the high price segment (from CHF 10,000) are now required to identify their customers. PEAX automates and digitises the entire process.


Automatic age verification helps customers buy products and services that are age-restricted.  


PEAX greatly simplifies the process of verifying prospective customers when reviewing applications and issuing insurance policies. Questionnaires can easily be incorporated while comparisons with PEP and sanction lists are integrated directly in the onboarding process.